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Connie Hedegaard - comisarul pentru schimbari climatice

Impactul asupra mediului » Connie Hedegaard - comisarul pentru schimbari climatice

Connie Hedegaard, the commissioner for climate change, told the daily Guardian that shale gas would not be the game-changer that it has been in the US. "We should not fool ourselves," she said. "This is not going to be as cheap as in the US. We have different geology that makes it more tricky [to extract shale gas]. We don't have the same wide open spaces. We pay more attention to what local people think."

“Speaking about safely extracting shale gas is still a wishful thinking. In the US thousands of citizens have been left with serious health problems, including respiratory problems, hormone disruption and cancer, and with their air poisoned and drinking water contaminated,” said Antoine Simon, extractive industries campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe.



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